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Frequently Asked Questions

Lashophy Eyelash Extension Glue Frequently Asked Questions
  • Does this work for cluster lash or strip lash?
The product is best use with individual lash only. Do not use for cluster or strip lashes.
  • Does this glue have a strong smell?
The level of smell depends on the variant and depends on the individual's smell sensitivity. 
  • Does it burn eyes/cause tearing? If I apply, my eyes have to open, is that okay? Will I be able to put them on myself without closing my eyes?
Lashophy products are for cosmetic professional use only. Eyes should always be closed during application. Please do not use for self-application. Lash extension glues should not be used for cluster or strip lashes. 
  • Can you use this product on eyebrows?
No, we recommend our products to be used for individual eyelash extension only.
  • How strong are the fumes? What are the client's reviews of the fume level?
The fume levels vary depending on glue type. Based on clients’ feedback, our signature glue has milder odor in comparison to other brand of lash extension glues in the market -- even with the strong bond strength. 
  • What color is the glue?
The color of the glue is black.
  • What is the ideal humidity level?
The optimal humidity level is RH 50-70%.
  • Does it contain formaldehyde?
The glue does contain tiny amounts of formaldehyde in order for the eyelash extension glue to bond. It is best for clients to inform the lash technician if they have sensitive skin or allergies to avoid reaction.
  • What is the recommended method to store after opening?
We recommend storing the glue in the silver pouch with the silica gel included. It is highly recommended to keep the product refrigerated. The product typically last up to 2 months after opening.
  • What is the glue remover that works for this product?
Any professional eyelash extension glue remover should work.