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7 Eyelash Extension Aftercare Tips To Tell Your Clients

7 Eyelash Extension Aftercare Tips To Tell Your Clients

As a lash professional, you take pride in making your client feel they look their best after your service. However, unwanted client concerns may arise without prior knowledge of proper care. Whether you are using a stronghold eyelash extension glue or using a premium mink, the lash extension would not last without the right aftercare.

To dodge such sticky situations, educate your clients with the right steps on how to clean eyelash extensions with proper maintenance below.

Do not use mascara

Applying mascara tugs the lashes and cause them to fall out faster than expected. Using makeup remover to get rid of mascara will also compromise the eyelash extension adhesive. Besides, lash extensions already add volume to the natural lash.

Do not tug them

--in any way possible. Any force or motion applied on the lash might cause it to fall out. Do not rub with towel and pat dry the eye area instead. Also, do not play with the lashes. Touching or rubbing eyes subconsciously is a tough habit to fight off. But you must inform your client that this will damage their lashes almost immediately.

Sleep on your back

Although you may suggest to clients to use silk or satin pillowcase, you must inform them that sleeping sideways or face down on the pillow will compromise the retention of their lashes. Making your clients aware of this before walking out your salon will set realistic expectations on their lashes’ retention.

Never use cotton

Avoiding cotton balls and cotton swab around the eye. The thin white fibers can get stuck between lashes extensions and can be difficult to get rid of.  

Avoid oil and moisture

Moisture and oil-based formulas seep to through and will cause the lash extensions to fall off almost instantly. It is imperative to inform your client to wait at least 24 hours before exposing their new lashes to any form of damp. This includes avoiding sweat from working out, running water from the shower, and steam from cooking.

Also, advise your clients to also avoid oil-based products such as creams, makeup, moisturizers, and facial cleansers for the entire day. This also means that facial services such as chemical peel must be scheduled on a different day. Inform your clients beforehand so they can schedule appropriately.

Avoid exposure to heat

Introducing the lashes to hot temperatures will cause the eyelash extension glue to melt. Inform your clients to avoid hot showers and veer away from the sun, stove, and fireplace.

how to clean eyelash extension

How to clean lashes properly

With the aforementioned caution almost saying that lashes are off limits to any contact, thoroughly cleaning the eyelash extension is still the most important upkeep. Here are the ways to groom the lashes without causing damage.

  • Meticulously remove dirt and make-up to remove the strain on lashes and to maintain the adhesive bond and avoid premature shedding.
  • Advise your clients to wash their lashes with gentle cleansing formulas to avoid lash mite infection from bacteria buildup. There are also soft bristle brush and cleanser available in the market specifically for eyelash extension.
  • Use only soft towels or wet wipes to remove eye makeup before hitting the sack at night.
  • Wash makeup brushes frequently. Use clean mascara wand and avoid reusing them.

Not only your client will get the bang for their buck for following these guidelines. Doing so will also improve client retention and save your professional reputation in the long run.


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