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How to Prepare Your Client for Lash Extension Appointment

How to Prepare Your Client for Lash Extension Appointment

As a lash artist, you must be enthused for your client to experience eyelash extension service especially for the first timers. However, it is imperative to let them know beforehand that it is quite a long ‘sitting pretty’ session. Aside from cleaning your tools and setting up your mink lashes and eyelash extension glue side by side, you must inform them to come in ready.

Set your client’s expectation so they can plan their schedule accordingly. Below are the things you should remind your clients before their lash extension appointment.

Remove all eye makeup. Remove mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and other eye products with water-based cleanser and pat dry with a lint-free cloth before the appointment. A client with a clean face will give you more time to work on the lashes. Curling lashes are also not advisable too. It is best to work on the lashes on its natural state.

Remove contact lenses. Remind your clients to bring a contact lens case and saline solution. Or might as well just advise client to wear glasses. Removing contacts is a must to avoid uneasiness during lash application, as well as eye damage.

how to prepare for lash extension appointment

Avoid taking caffeine and other stimulants. Caffeine can cause the eye lids to flutter which will make the application challenging. Too much eye movements may result to faulty extensions. Also, caffeine and stimulants may cause restlessness to your clients which will not help if they need to be still for a long period.

Limit liquid intake. You will need your client to be still to finish the job with precision and intricacy. It will be best for your clients to avoid standing up from time to time for a bathroom break.

Reduce allergic reactions. Ask your clients about their allergies before the appointment. If they have a history of allergic reaction to adhesive, advice the client to take antihistamine before coming in to avoid flaring up. Also, it is best to have your clients sign a waiver during consultation for client’s safety.

Avoid using mobile device. They can listen to music or podcast while having a relaxing appointment. However, they must put their phone on silent mode to avoid distraction and to avoid reading text messages. Their eyes should be shut for the entire session for their safety.

Wear comfortable clothes. A fill up session takes approximately 40 minutes to an hour while a full extension process can take roughly around 2 to 3 hours. Advise them to dress comfortably for a relaxing session.

These simple prerequisites will ensure you can execute your work with intricacy without disruption. Doing so will also give your clients a sense of professionalism coming from your end, as you want to guarantee their safety and comfort.


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