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How to Choose the Best Lash Extension Glue

How to Choose the Best Lash Extension Glue

Ideally, we want an all-around eyelash extension glue that works wonder for all kinds of client. However, there is no one glue that fits every client’s needs. All thanks to science, there are numerous variants concocted suitable for each condition.

It is challenging to pick the right one given all the overwhelming number of variants available in the market – especially when you are just starting off in the lash arena. Trial and error period can be expensive when testing different lash extension adhesives.

Aside from strong retention as consideration, it is also important to note that eyelash extension glues contain chemicals which can be hazardous to you and your client’s health. Be discerning about the product’s ingredients, as well as proper storage before placing your order.

Below are the factors to consider when searching for quality lash extension adhesive.


How to Choose the Best Eyelash Extension Glue


Always have a sensitive glue in storage. Your client’s healthy safety is of utmost priority. Having a client with high sensitivity to fumes and allergic reaction to adhesive is inevitable. It is recommended to use a latex-free glue to deter irritation. Ask your client to sign a waiver to have a better understanding of the products and process. To set their expectations, you must also inform the client that sensitive formulas have shorter retention span than normal. Also, sensitive glues have slower drying time which means that volume and mega volume styles maybe tricky to achieve. There are also low fumes and scented formulations available in the market.   

Glue recommendations:


 Lashophy Sensitive

 Lashophy Vanilla Scented


Pick a glue that is suitable to your pace. The ideal drying speed of the adhesive is directly proportional to how fast your hands are. If you’re a lash novice, pick a glue that allows you to have flexibility to put the lash in place efficiently. Note that a quick drying glue will dry up before you attach the extensions on the lashes if you are too slow. On the other hand, the lashes will stick together if the glue dries up too slow. Choose a glue with a longer drying time. If you’ve come to an adept level of experience, you can pick a faster drying time.

Glue recommendations for beginner:

Lashophy Sensitive Lashophy Volume Lashophy Ultra Strong


Glue recommendations for expert:


Consider the style and volume of the lashes. The popular volume and mega volume lash extensions require either a special formula or a fast pair of hands using fast-drying glue. The thickness and posture of fans and volume lash styles tend to get compromised quickly if the glue dries too slow.

Glue Recommendations:



Understand the role of humidity and temperature. It is imperative to pay attention to your workplace’s condition as these elements directly impacts the performance of the glue. Cyanoacrylate is the active ingredient in all glues that holds the extensions together. Moisture, specifically humidity, activates cyanoacrylate and cure for adhesion. Humidity, therefore, directly influences the drying speed and retention of the glue.

If the room humidity is higher than the recommended level, the lash adhesive will cure and dry faster than usual. This might result to dried out glue on droplet, bad placement, and poor retention.

If the room humidity is lower than the recommended level, the glue will not have enough moisture to start curing. This typically result to sticky lashes and allergic reaction due to longer exposure to cyanoacrylate.

Always check the humidity and temperature at your lash studio to preserve the viscosity of the glue. Use your glues in accordance to weather changes and ensure the products are stored properly

Glue recommendation for high humidity: 


Lashophy Ultra Strong Lashophy Volume Lashophy Sensitive


Glue recommendation for low humidity:


(Optimal temperature is 65-75°F with room humidity of 50-70% for Lashophy Products)


Choosing the best eyelash extension glue

In a nutshell, the best adhesive is what’s most fit for your client’s need and your ability to place the lashes properly according to the pace you're comfortable with. That is why we at Lashophy offer a wide array of selection that can cater to every situation.